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Because corporate relocation changes everything for your business.

Corporate relocation is a powerful business tool that is used to improve many aspects of business. In fact, the process of creating a custom-built facility and relocating your business there has become a common business practice to affect positive change on many levels and allows you to:

  • Refresh your business look and feel by creating a custom new facility that staff and customers appreciate and are proud to be and visit.
  • Save money on facility fees and operating costs.
  • Re-energize your staff to improve morale and productivity.
  • Modernize the technology you use and make other upgrades to operating systems for a higher-functioning work environment and usually a cost savings.
  • Leave a lasting legacy of excellence on your business.


It takes experienced leadership to enact a successful corporate relocation to maximize all the benefits while also making the process easy and enjoyable. If not handled right, a business relocation could lead to operational downtime, a drop in staff morale and a negative perception from your customers.

That’s where Meridian Relocation comes in.

Corporate relocation is what we have been doing for the last fifteen years. We help companies through the process so that it’s impactful, affordable and easy. We help you affect the most positive changes to improve your business, and coordinate all the details in the process so that there aren’t any disruptions to your business during the relocation to the new office.

Some Deets on Meridian Relocation:

  • Meridian Relocation is the industry leader in modernizing relocation services to make it affordable and highly effective so that all businesses and non-profits can get the help they need.
  • 15+ years of providing office relocation services to corporations, non-profits and government entities of all sizes. Successfully completed hundreds of projects including office relocations, corporate reorganizations/restacks, business consolidations and new office set-ups.
  • Experienced strategists and project managers provide expert guidance and ease of process to ensure that clients are exposed to the many opportunities of change and have a positive move experience.
  • We have awesome clients who give us rave reviews.
  • The principal and founder is Jacci Duncan, corporate relocation specialist, who has enacted hundreds of business transitions. She is the creator of Move Your Office Like a Pro program of books and tools, and the Office Relocation in Seven Easy Steps

Our Products and Services

Meridian Relocation provides a range of products and services to help businesses realize a successful business relocation.


  • Business Transition Planning
  • Move Management
  • Change Management Service
  • Relocation Help Desk with Personal Move Advisor
  • Office Relocation Toolkit: Move Your Office Like A Pro! Office Relocation in 7 Easy Steps
  • Employee Relocation
  • New Facility Team Locator Service