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Frequently Asked Questions about Corporate Relocation

Corporate relocation is the process of having a change in physical location for a business or just a portion of a business. Sometimes businesses relocate to a new facility as a way to reduce costs or to be in a more preferred location, or to make needed improvements to the business environment. In many cases, the new office is custom designed to improve operational efficiencies and the delivery of customer service, as well as an improve conditions and functionality for staff. Some corporate relocations are long-distance, which can also include the physical relocation of staff’s personal lives to the new city or state.

The benefits of corporate relocation are many and vary greatly based on a company’s short and long-terms goals. By relocating to a newly-designed facility, business leaders can make important changes: such as reenergizing the business, improving operating and technology systems, boosting staff morale and productivity, and saving money on facility and operating costs. When corporate relocation is approached in a thoughtful, strategic manner, the benefits also include modernizing your business, making needed upgrades to enhance operations, improving customer service delivery, making the office a place where staff are proud to be, and so much more.
Costs vary for relocations and depend on the size and location of your business, plus how many changes and upgrades you want to make during the process. Sometimes the cost of the new facility design and construction is paid for as a lease incentive that wass negotiated by your real estate representative. Some of the most common relocation expenses include: new facility construction, moving service; voice and data cabling; equipment disconnect-reconnect service; new furniture or equipment, employee relocation expenses, and fees for professional help.
Start by familiarizing yourself with the office relocation process. Check out Overview of the Relocation Process under the Learn button to understand the major steps in the process and what’s involved with each one. Meridian Relocation also offers another good resource, the Move Your Office Like a Pro! Office Relocation in Seven Easy Steps program, which is a simple step-by-step approach to moving your business to the new location to minimize any disruptions while keeping on top of all the details.

Next, you will need to assess your current situation and envision your ideal environment if you could start over at a new facility. A corporate relocation professional, such as Meridian Relocation, can help you with this. It’s also important to hire a real estate representative at the beginning of the process to help you assess your facility needs and locate the ideal property. Other important front-end tasks are to create a budget, build a relocation team, and to take stock of the contents of your facility and fully understand your business operating systems. Good planning is essential to making a corporate relocation all it can be for your business.

You can never start planning early enough to identify and prepare a new office for your business and determine how to relocate your fully-functioning business there without negatively affecting your operations. There are a number of long-lead tasks to consider, such as the vision for the new office, design and construction of the new space, and developing the new technology infrastructure to name just a few. Some businesses start the process with professional help two years before their current lease expires, while others do it even before then. Some of the smaller businesses do it at a minimum of one year out. You are welcome to contact us for a free consultation to discuss timing issues.

Meridian provides help on the front-end of the process to help you assess your situation, identify a real estate representative and develop a plan to maximize all the relocation benefits for your business and facilitate the transition your business to the new site. Professionals identify all the benefits to your business and help you avoid any number of inherent problems in the process, such as a communications blackout, lost revenue due to downtime of operations or cost-overruns, a drop in staff morale or a negative perception of your business due to mishandling of the relocation effort.

Specifically, Meridian Relocation offers:

  • Business transition planning
  • New facility team locator service
  • Move management
  • Change management service
  • Furniture liquidation
  • Employee relocation
  • Relocation help desk with personal move advisor
Yes. Reach out to us and we will schedule a time to talk on the phone.
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Yes please. We love to hear about success stories and see photographs of your finished office. Just reach out to us.
Commercial real estate representatives use our materials, products, and services for sales incentives to provide a more full-service approach and to obtain discounted rates for their clients. Meridian’s expert and affordable office relocation products and services can be customized and in some cases, co-branded.