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We can help.

Tap into our expert and affordable office relocation products and services that can be customized to your specific needs and in some cases, co-branded.

How We Add Value

Providing a sales incentive for a more full-service approach and discounted bulk rates to your clients

The ability to use and incorporate our relocation expertise and materials to offer a more full-service sales approach and on the back end of the process to offer a more complete customer experience to finish strong.

We have affordable products and services that you can’t get anywhere else, including the Office Relocation Toolkit: Move Your Office Like a Pro!, special lower-cost move management options for small and mid-sized tenants, and access to Meridian’s Office Relocation Help Desk with a Personal Move Advisor.

What We Offer

  • The Office Relocation Toolkit: Move Your Office Like a Pro! Office Relocation in Seven Easy Steps
    The toolkit can be co-branded and provided to your clients as a sales incentive. The toolkit gives your clients 1:1 assistance with a relocation professional, the easy turn-key process, 50+ checklists and worksheets, a master relocation schedule poster, and more.
  • Office Relocation Help Desk with Personal Move Advisor
    Your clients can get access to the Office Relocation Help Desk for the duration of their project to obtain support and guidance, and have a personal move advisor guide them through the process. They get checklists and worksheets, when needed, and answers to questions they have along the way so that they never feel alone or uncertain about what to do during the process.
  • Custom Relocation Materials
    Need an office relocation checklist or other relocation materials to enhance your pitch packet? We work with you to develop custom materials to enhance your packet and presentation.
  • Move Management Services
    We provide the traditional full-service move coordination plans as well as the much more affordable Partner Plan options so that businesses and non-profits get the help they need to enact a successful transition without breaking the bank.

Why Partner with Us?

  • We can customize our high-end relocation materials and services to fit your specific needs, and help you to incorporate them into your sales presentation. You also have the ability to co-brand the Office Relocation Toolkit. Request a sample from us by going to the ‘Contact Us‘ tab.
  • We offer exclusive office product and service options that aren’t available anywhere else, many of which cost a fraction of the price of the old-style move management.
  • We are corporate relocation experts who have been successfully working with businesses and non-profits on their relocation’s and restacks for the past fifteen years.
  • We are easy to work with and have a high level of commitment to excellence of service and product delivery.
  • Our philosophy is to make every corporate relocation matter with the most benefits and to ensure clients have a great experience. We do this by finding all the ways the relocation can affect positive change via the build-out of the new facility and the business relocation process, and making the business transition as easy as possible.

How to Get Started

Contact us for more details or to request a sample of the Office Relocation Toolkit, Move Your Office Like a Pro!

Contact Jacci at jduncan@meridianrelocation.com

What Clients Say About Us

Our relocation was a huge improvement for our organization and Meridian Relocation was the perfect partner in the process to make it all it could be. Meridian Relocation helped us ensure that the new facility functioned at a high level to support our operating systems and employees, and they helped us with all the details of the move process to get our systems and content transferred to the new office seamlessly. There is no doubt that we wouldn’t have been able to do our move without the services of Meridian Relocation – thank you!

John Skic, Operations, The Raben Group
Meridian Relocation was a key partner in transitioning our organization to the new facility and making sure the new office was prepared just right to support our operations and staffing on day one. Meridian helped us navigate all the pitfalls in the process and when something did come up unexpectedly, we were able to resolve it quickly. That alone saved us money and hassles. I can’t imagine going through an office relocation without Meridian Relocation.
Leigh Warren, Chief Administrative Officer
Meridian Relocation was the perfect partner for our office relocation. Their expert guidance and tools made the process easy and impactful by helping us to maximize all the benefits in the process – from thoughtfully thinking through how the new space could enhance our operations, to streamlining our systems and files and storage, and allowing the process to have a positive impact on staff, which led to a renewed energy in the office. We couldn’t have been so successful in attaining these goals and relocating our organization so effortlessly without Meridian Relocation.
Sheri Sesay-Tuffour, PhD, CAE, Vice President, Business Operations, Heart Rhythm Society

I can recommend Meridian without reservation.  They are thorough, professional, and easy to work with.  The money spent on hiring a relocation professional more than made up for the time and expenses we would have incurred if we had tried to figure it out on our own.  There were just too many details and Meridian Relocation took us through the process expertly. Their friendly and professional service gave us great relief that we were working with the right people.

Maureen McGrath, Deputy Director


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