Relocation Successes

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Relocation Successes

Here’s why our corporate relocation was a success. Real companies that have relocated share their stories and how the process affected business for them.

Heart Rhythm Society

  • Allowed us to completely refresh our organization’s look and culture.

  • We had a seamless business transition to the new space with no staff downtime.

  • We streamlined by purging 40% of our unneeded contents and developing more efficient storage and file areas at the new office.

  • Incorporated our subject matter into the design of the new space with a heart beat design etched into drop-down ceiling accents in the pantry and a built-in wall museum in the reception area, showcasing the first heart monitoring devices.

  • Improved staff morale and created new energy by involving staff in the process to make the process fun and the new facility something they had input in.

The Raben Group

  • Our new office environment is comfortable and welcoming for staff and guests

  • We used creative design and space planning elements to reinforce our firm’s brand and focus on transparency and humor.

  • We upgraded nearly all of our technology in tandem with the move, including laptops, phone system, audio visual equipment, and wireless systems. We also transitioned to a cloud network for better efficiency.

  • The process of relocating our office to the new facility didn’t cause any disruptions to our operations or delivery of customer service.

  • Our larger floor plan situates us better for long-term growth, and maximizes square footage more efficiently.

Young Americas Foundation

  • After more than 25 years in our office space, we designed a new, larger office space to better accommodate growth and our mission.

  • We improved efficiency and morale by consolidating three separate offices into one and improving our general conditions. The new office space included a bright and modern staff kitchen/lounge, a welcoming reception area, increased storage and production space, and ample meeting rooms.

  • We modernized our technology and capabilities to include more effective audio visual equipment and facilities to host student programs. We also expanded our production space, enhancing our work-flow.

  • We transitioned our systems to the new location without affecting staff productivity or our ability to provide topnotch customer service.